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I recently saw a crayon making project on another homeschooling Mom’s blog. http://fifthstreetacademy.blogspot.com/2011/05/making-crayons.html “Even I could do that,” I think to myself. I know, I know, homeschoolers are supposed to wear denim jumpers, sew their children’s clothes and be awesome crafters. Please be patient with me; I’m working on it.

As I was grocery shopping I saw a silicone mould just like the one I saw on the blog. There was one small problem though, it claimed to be an ice cube tray. Not to be daunted by a little tag and not afraid of a little mess, I went ahead and purchased the mould.
It is likely that I was more excited than the children. I got all the kids breaking up crayons and then I popped the mould in the oven. Would it work? How upset would my my husband be if this turned into a total disaster?

Wouldn’t you know it, they turned out beautifully! There’s hope that I will not always be craftally challenged.

Disclaimer: Ice cube trays should not generally be put in the oven and may make the oven unfit for the preparation of food. 😉

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