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This is April 1st, which means…that we have a winner for the Apologia giveaway!

I assigned each entry a number and then used a random number generator to select the winner.

A big congratulations to Tracy for winning an elementary Apologia text! I’ll be contacting you today. Enjoy!

P.S. – This is not an April fool’s joke 🙂

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This happens to be my 100th blog post, and amazingly, I got my 100th email subscriber to this blog last week. (Believe it or not, this isn’t the least bit contrived!) This seems too cool to let it pass without a little celebration, so I’m going to give away one of my favourite homeschool resources.

I’m a huge Apologia fan, and this giveaway is for any one of their elementary series text books—winner’s choice.


We’ve used every one of the Apologia elementary books—except for the Chemistry book which we will be going through next school year—and we’ve also gone through the General Science and Physical Science texts for grades 7 and 8.

Why do I love Apologia Science? I love that the elementary books delve deep, and over the course of a school year they make my children mini experts on the field we are studying. People are surprised by how much science gets covered in these books, but in my experience this doesn’t overwhelm children but gives them an appreciation for the magnitude of the topic.

The depth of study fascinates kids. This science curriculum is helping me meet my goal of raising up life-long learners. My children love science. Nuff said.

Here is a link to the Apologia elementary books. There are journals available too, but my kids really enjoy doing the lapbook kits available here. And for those of us who don’t enjoy shopping for science experiments…there are kits available here that contain almost everything you need for the experiments—including tape, timers, and dish soap!

To enter the giveaway just leave me a comment below. Get a second entry for subscribing to my blog. (Current subscribers get an extra entry too. I love you guys!) You can also get additional entries for sharing this post on facebook, twitter, or your blog. Just let me know how many entries you have in the comment section.

The contest ends midnight March 31. (Pacific Time)

Have an amazing week!

P.S. ~ These books are awesome for non-homeschoolers too.

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And the winner is…

I was amazed that my giveaway received over 500 entries!

Rafflecopter randomly selected a winner, and the prize goes to Chris Dehart. Congratulations Chris!

Thank you to everyone who entered and big hugs for those of you who purchased Tie My Shoe and took the time to write a review. 🙂

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Last Day For My Giveaway

71LJrXIaDhL__AA1500_Just a reminder that this is the last day to enter my giveaway for a signed copy of the book I illustrated Tie My Shoe and a $25 gift card for Amazon.

A portion of all the proceeds for the book goes to sending kids to Christian Camp!

To enter the contest go here.

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Now for a little fun! 🙂 I haven’t had a giveaway in over two years, but they really are a blast. This time I’m giving away a $25 Amazon gift card and a signed copy of the book I illustrated—Tie My Shoe.

I never would have guessed that I would become a published illustrator! I had hired an editor to help me with my first novel. “Can you draw?” she asked me in an email. “You seem like the artistic type.”

And that’s how it started. It seemed like an interesting challenge, and I sent her a drawing to see if she would like to hire me…we wrote up a contract…I started illustrating.


There were times when I really wasn’t sure if I could do the project. I spent about four hours on each drawing—planning, sketching, doing a digital drawing, and digitally colouring—but, I’m so glad that I kept at it.

Here is an excerpt from the book description: “Tie My Shoe is a whimsical look at a day in the life of a kindergarten class. Rhymes and colorful illustrations make it an ideal book for children ages three to six.”

~ ~ ~

Purchase print and digital copies at Amazon.com here.
Purchase print copies at Create Space here.
Only the Kindle edition is available at Amazon.ca (sorry!) Purchase here.

So here are the rules for the contest:

*Winners will be selected by random draw. All entries must be submitted into the Rafflecopter widget by midnight, January 31, 2014 Pacific Time.

*You can get entries by posting a comment on this blog post, being a subscriber or subscribing to my blog, sharing the link to this post on : facebook, twitter, your own blog, and online forums.

*You can receive entries for purchasing Tie My Shoe (print or digital.)

*You can also receive entries for reviewing Tie My Shoe on either Amazon.com or Amazon.ca. (No purchase necessary, see note below)

Happy Contesting!

Click on the link to enter:
A rafflecopter giveaway


-You can receive a free PDF copy of the book in exchange for an Amazon review by contacting me and requesting a copy at: cherishingblog@gmail.com

-The book will be signed by the illustrator (me.) Although I would love to have it signed by the author as well, the fact that we live in different countries makes it difficult.

-Copies of books(Tie My Shoe) purchased before the start of this contest count towards contest entries.

-The rafflecopter widget only allows for one entry per day for a book purchase. If you purchased more than one copy you will need to enter those copies on separate days.

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Many homeschoolers do their work year round. We’ve tried schooling through the summer with a few subjects, but when September arrived and we started everything again, the children were grumpy and there was no enthusiasm. We’ve found that taking a break really works best for our family, but review is important over the summer as well. I hate to think of them forgetting much of what was learned the previous year!

There are two requirements for summer learning in our home: it must be different from our regular schooling and it must be fun! The three things that we focus on are: reading, family learning games and computer learning games.


I read to our family every night. Being read to aloud helps to build comprehension and an appreciation for great literature. I try to read many books over the summer about the historical period that we will be studying the following year.

It is also important that the children read books on their own each day. I have them choose a read aloud book that they read for 8 min per day. I also have them choose another book for reading to themselves. New readers should choose a book that they can easily read by themselves, but I have the older children (grades 3 and up) find something that is quite challenging. The idea is to keep pushing their comprehension level forward.

They read 15 min a day from this book and then they must narrate it back to me, which is simply telling it back to me in their own words. This helps me to see that they are comprehending what they are reading, but it also helps them to read actively and attentively. Besides these two books I encourage them to read whatever they want on their own.

Family Learning Games

My children love it when we play games as a family. I try to play one game each day. We made a game that reviews the facts that we learned studying human anatomy last school year. I have another series of games that teaches and reviews math concepts from addition and subtraction through simplifying and multiplying fractions. Other games that we choose from are memory games and various trivia games.

Computer Learning Games

I have downloaded a few free games that help my children review their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. My children’s favourite is Timez Attack. It probably isn’t for everyone as it is a full blown video game that you move to the next level by attacking the enemy with the answer to multiplication or division questions. It systematically builds confidence and knowledge of the tables up to 12 x 12 and happens to be a lot fun too. The free version comes with 2 levels that can be used again and again and does cover all of the facts. If you want more variety, you can pay for the rest of the levels. They will be releasing an addition and subtraction version of the game later this year.

We also have a very basic facts review game that simply states the fact and then you choose the answer. It can be downloaded here.

There are many, many websites that have tons of great learning games. I haven’t explored them too much because we do pay for the amount of time we are on the internet. One website that I have found and that we do enjoy though is Sheppard Software.

And now for some giveaway fun…

Giveaway Day I have been planning to do a giveaway for a few months now and here it is! I won one recently and was so thrilled that I wanted to pass on the joy.

I will be giving away a $25 gift certificate for Amazon.com or Amazon.ca (your choice). Much of our curriculum is purchased from Amazon as their prices are quite good and I love the free shipping on orders over $25.

This giveaway is open to everyone and all you must do to enter is leave a comment on this post. Additional enteries may be obtained by:

-subscribing to my blog. And if you are already subscribed you receive two entries when you comment. (Let me know in your comment if you are a subscriber.)
-post about this giveaway on facebook. (Please mention in your comment.)
-tweet about this giveaway on twitter. (Let me know in your comment.)
-mention this giveaway on your blog. (And let me know you did in a comment!)

Each person can receive a total of 5 entries. The deadline in August 16th and the draw will be August 17th. Have fun and enjoy the rest of the summer!

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