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One thing that really attracted me to my husband, Kevin, was his gift of song writing. He has been playing guitar most of his life and has written many songs in that time. I admit that I’ve always been a bit afraid of the thought of Kevin really going ahead with his music though. I never stood in his way, but I never really encouraged him either.

About a year ago, I realized how gifted Kevin is as a songwriter, and that he has been given this gift to use it. We had been able to set aside a bit of money, and I had hopes of running water or siding on the house. It then occurred to me, that we could use the money to make an album of Kevin’s songs. I believe God put that idea in my head.

The whole making of the album was an incredible time of stretching. We had to learn about recording, editing, mastering etc. I was immersed in the complexities of graphic design, when I was totally inexperienced with computers. (I developed a few nervous ticks during that time!) The album, “A Better Day Coming,” was the result of all that effort. 

I then went to work at learning how to design a website. Thankfully, {huge sigh of relief} we found a service provider that had great templates, and I never did have to learn how to design a website!

Soon after the first album was completed, I began praying for the funds to professionally produce Kevin’s next album. We’ve heard quite a bit of professionally produced, independent music lately, and what a difference. We knew that it would be costly ($10,000 or more) but we also knew that if this was God’s will, He would provide. And provide He did, though not in the way we expected.

Through a series of events, Kevin was contacted by Michael Minkoff, the president of, The Nehemiah Foundation For Cultural Renewal. He wanted to produce Kevin’s song, “Everything Will Pass Away.” After that first song was completed, Michael offered to produce the album that we had been praying about, free of charge!

Kevin and Michael have been working together for several months now. “Everything Will Pass Away” and “Hypocrite I” have been pre-released as a singles. Michael is also doing many of the instruments. There will still be some costs involved, (mastering and replicating,) but the production is free and that is exactly what I was praying for. We are so thankful! You can listen to Kevin’s new songs at www.indieheaven.com/artists/kevinmalcolm .

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