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I have a writing friend who is an amazing example to me. She makes writing goals and then makes them happen. She keeps me accountable.

Tonight I sent her a message that I was going to work on my Biblical Counselling exam. And then I went and checked my email…read a writing magazine…responded to some posts on a writing forum…posted a story to a critique circle…wrote a review on Amazon. In short, I got everything done on my to do list for the next few days (aside from cleaning my house) except work on my counselling exam.

Are you a procrastinator too? I’m glad I’m not alone here, people. 🙂 It’s not that I don’t want to have my exam completed. This is an amazing course, and I love it that they make the digital copies of most of the course free. I believe this is important…but it’s hard. And I often resist doing the hard things in life.


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What helped me get back on track is the knowledge that this dear friend is going to ask me, “Did you do it?” And I really want to be able to say yes. Sometimes setting clear goals and being accountable to a friend is the very thing to help us overcome procrastination.

P.S. – The idea for this post popped into my mind as I was working on my exam, and believe it or not, I almost stopped working on it and started writing this post, before I realized how ridiculous that was. Short attention span here! I did actually complete the work I planned on doing, and I’m only a few days away from being done. Yay!

P.P.S- You can check out the IBCD counselling course here.

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Since I don’t own a washer or dryer, most of my laundry is done at a laundromat. Sometimes I’ll need to wash a few things in between laundromat visits though, and yesterday was one of those days. As I was about to hang up the dripping garments by my wood stove, I remembered that my mother-in-law had told me that she used to hang her clothes outside to dry during the frigid Ontario winters, and I decided to do likewise.

I was amazed as I watched steam billowing off of the few items that I hung up on the rail. Within minutes they were frozen solid, and I brought them in to thaw and finish drying by the stove.

Maybe I just think way too much, but I found myself relating drying laundry to making and fulfilling goals in life. Sometimes we are able to set goals and pour in lots of time and energy to reach those goals quickly—the electric dryer method.

During other seasons of our lives, our goals must exist alongside other priorities. My family and friends must be first in my life and I can’t (or shouldn’t) lay aside those priorities to meet my goals. I must learn to use my time wisely and persevere over the long haul.


This is like hanging the laundry outside to dry in the wind and the sun. It takes longer, but time and experience can enhance our enjoyment of those things that we are working towards. (Does anyone else feel soothed by the smell of clothes dried outside? Mmmm.)

Of course, thunderstorms can strike out of nowhere. It once took me a whole week to dry my laundry! Several times I hung out the clothes and then had to run and gather them as rain drenched them again. This is so much like my battle over trying to lose weight!

Occasionally, we’re merrily working towards our goals, and something comes up that just seems to derail everything. Maybe it’s months or years later, but at some point we are able to look back and see that the very thing that seemed to be standing in the way of our goals, became the catalyst to even greater possibilities—the freeze died method. 🙂

Have a great week, and remember…there’s more than one way to dry your clothes!

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