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I had the joy of looking after three little boys earlier this week. When I added the two year old twins and one year old baby to my own brood, I had eight energetic children in my care, including two sets of twins!

 The plan was to not try to get anything done, and just spend the day playing with the children. You might have a hard time believing how excited I was, as I anticipated having a day off to play!

I put out a snack soon after the little guys arrived. I laughed until my stomach hurt at the chaos that ensued. The four children under three ate by the fistfuls. In a matter of minutes there was food from one end of the downstairs living area to the other. It was actually similar to a piranha feeding frenzy!

 When their hunger was sufficiently satiated, I brought everyone upstairs, shut the gate and quickly swept the downstairs floor (by the way, I wasn’t breaking my own rule about “not getting anything done,” I was simply maintaining. 🙂 )

Upstairs, there were great shrieks of laughter and unnerving crashes. I ran upstairs to find some of them rolling on the floor, bulldozing each other. Others were leaping off of the couch onto a pile of pillows. The baby sat quietly at my feet driving a truck, oblivious to the hilarity. This went on non-stop for about an hour, until I brought them down for lunch.

I put Myra and Melanie in charge of feeding one twin boy each, while I fed William and the baby. And feed we did- continuosly for about 20 minutes! Myra exclaimed that, “The Mother” must be awfully busy just trying to feed them all, when it took all three of us to keep up to the demand.

After lunch I was tickled pink that the four little ones all went down for a nap at the same time, while the oldest four went outside to play. It amazed me how quickly we went from wonderful chaos, to pervasive peacefulness.

Hats off to the Mama of this little trio of pure energy, and looking forward to their next visit.


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