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We were returning home from church one Sunday, and Kevin could tell by looking at the driveway that someone had been to our house. (I really have no idea how he notices such things.) Sure enough, we could see something huge and dark in our porch. I opened the door and was astonished to see a couch standing on end! Kevin and I just looked at each other wide-eyed.

“Do you have any idea where it came from?” Kevin asked. I thought back to a conversation that I’d had earlier that day, and thought I might know who the secret gifter was.

I had been visiting with some friends, and had mentioned that our couch was so grungy and abused that my husband was embarrassed at the thought of taking it to the dump! One of the ladies said that we could have her couch if she could get the retro one that her Grandmother had.

I called the friend and told her that a couch had appeared in our porch. I asked if she might know anything about it. She laughed and I got the story out of her. “I just wanted to bless you with it,” she admitted. What really astonished me was that they managed to get it into their car. This is a full size couch! It’s a good thing that it is only a short distance, because they drove with the back door open and her husband’s face smushed against the windshield! (I am withholding names because some folks might be sticklers about such things. :)) There isn’t a chance in a lifetime that I’d get my husband to agree to such a scheme!

The plan had been to sneak into our house and take away the old couch and replace it with the new. Our house is never left unlocked though, so they left it on the porch instead. I laughed at the thought of returning home to find that our couch had gone through metamorphosis. 🙂 This family of five is now without a couch and I have a hard time imagining them all squeezed onto their lonely loveseat!

We were recently the recipients of yet another act of kindness. Kevin had been driving on the highway, when the engine in our van died. He managed to pull safely off the highway. He gave me a phone call and described the predicament. The girls and I prayed that all work out. It is a stressful thing to have our only vehicle die, and money was in short supply at the time.

While standing alongside of the van, unsure of what to do, a friend drove up alongside Kevin and asked if he could help. Incredibly, they leant us their vehicle to use until our van was fixed, and to top it off, it was an eight seater and could hold our huge family! (What are the chances?)

The next day was a special Sunday service at a local resort. We weren’t about to take a borrowed vehicle an hour into the bush, so we informed the others in the church that we wouldn’t make it that week. One family was bending over backwards trying to arrange it so that we could car pool with others. We ended up declining, but I felt thankful for friends who are so eager to bless and help. The same friend (a mechanic) ended up spending that Monday working on the van with Kevin. We are so thankful! Our van was fixed that day, and this family even refused to accept payment.

I am humbled as I think back to the countless ways that we have been blessed through others over the years. I know that it is one way that God shows us His love, through the hands of His children.

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