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Today’s post is written by Toni Hammer. I met Toni on a writing website a couple of months ago, and we quickly became friends. Her insightful writing reflects her fun and witty personality. Enjoy!

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Having lived in the Pacific Northwest for a third of my life, I’ve acclimated to the fact it rains 412 days out of the year. It’s expected. Rain is the status quo.

Knowing this, I get super excited when the sun comes out. I want to hug that big ball of fire and give it my raincoat as a sacrifice. The sun is warm and full of love and vitamin D. I might go a little crazy when it shows its face after a month long rainfall.

That happened earlier this week. Not only was the sun out, but it was almost seventy degrees! Flip flop and iced coffee weather. It was magical.

Then the rain came back. This weather which I was so accustomed to that I barely batted an eye at it now filled me with rage. It was sunny yesterday! I was warm! I hate you rain!

This happens a lot in life, too. Something extraordinary happens to us–promotion at work, favorite band in concert, child takes their first step–and our excitement level rises above that of someone who just won the lottery.

Photo Credit: Katman

Photo Credit: Katman

Then the next day comes. The next week. Before long we’re back to the expected. The status quo. It feels sad and boring.

Don’t get bummed when life goes back to normal. Don’t start scowling because your ride in Excitement Land is over. Appreciate the familiar rhythm of your life.

We need to be content with our day to day life so the new gifts and achievements are that much brighter. We need to appreciate what seems mundane because it’s comfortable, it’s what we know, and it’s where we prepare for our next big thing.

Don’t let the sun ruin the rain.


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You can read more from Toni on her website tonihammer.com.

Have a great week!

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I’m writing this on the eve of my baby’s first birthday. Is it really a year since sweet baby Joel swept into our lives?

It feels like time has been playing tricks on me. It just doesn’t seem logical the way the days fly past like so many leaves in an autumn wind.

I remember when I only had two little ones and the days were so long. I loved playing with my babies and being a mom, but, I always found PIC_1543myself looking ahead. “It will be easier when she is six months old, a year, three years…” I would think to myself. And in many ways it was, but now that my little girl is almost thirteen, I realize that those years are all to short and I can never have them back.

God has a beautiful lesson for us to learn in this season of busyness, that of dying to oneself. I am tempted to chafe at times when the children are sick and I am up out of bed umpteen times in the night, but then I remember that it is just a season and I can redeem those sleepless nights with prayer.

Sometimes it’s hard to see past the trials and hardship of fulltime motherhood, but there is so very much more if we choose to look for the moments of joy. There is nothing like the thrill I get when I slip into Joel’s room to get him after his nap. Sometimes he’s lying down playing with his fingers or sitting looking expectantly for me, and then our eyes meet and his whole face lights up with delight. {dreamy sigh}

Life with little ones is filled with the unexpected. Three year olds are so wonderfully witty and curious. Giggles abound. A simple walk outside is filled with wonder: a bug, a rock, a cloud.

I don’t say to myself anymore, It will be easier when…

Now I pray, Oh Lord, help me to make the most of this time.





P.S. I took most of these pictures on Tuesday. Yes, we still have that much snow! 🙂

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I’m sorry that I have neglected my blog for the past couple weeks. I
have a fairly decent excuse- our generator is getting some work done
on it, and we have very limited power at the moment. Even my little
laptop computer is a heavy draw on our portable battery packs. And
so, I have had a little vacation from writing.

I know that many think we are crazy to live like this, with
occasional power and no running water, and there are times when I
feel a little crazy too! But it doesn’t take much to remind me of the
blessings of living debt free. Sure, we have chosen to give up, or at
least postpone having much of what our society deems essential, but
I think that we have learned to enjoy what we have more. In learning
to be content with what we have, we have discovered that we are rich
in the things that truly matter, and in material things too.

I think that few people appreciate their pantry shelves as much as I
do, (after enduring a year of having everything piled on the floor!)
I love my dry-walled and painted walls, (after spending years looking
at dingy, pink insulation and having sheets as room separators.)  And
the sight of my newly sided home always gives me a little tinge of
satisfaction as we drive in the driveway. Who enjoys such simple
things as shelves, walls and siding? People who have lived without

We do what we can, a little at a time, and it gives us a chance to
enjoy what we have and to work towards our future here. One day, when
I can flick on a switch and be gratified with instant light, I’ll
enjoy that too. And when I can turn on a tap and hear the water
thundering into the tub, and when I can add a little more hot water
at the turn of a tap, well that, will be bliss!

It is easy to look around and see people who have more than us. It is
easy to be discontent. But when I am tempted to complain, I am
reminded that I have more in material wealth than 90% of the
population of the earth, and more then that, I am at peace with God,
surrounded by loved ones and I have true joy.

What more could a girl ask for? 🙂

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