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Good Stress

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Is there such a thing as “good stress?” We all know that stress is bad. It causes ulcers and headaches, hypertension and adrenal stress. Bad stuff. That’s the stress that comes from worrying about if the money will stretch to cover the loan payment. Or it can come from overbooking ourselves and feeling the pressure to do more than a mortal is capable of.

But good stress is the stress that comes from pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone to do things that are important to us.

Last week I talked about facing our fears, and this week’s post is about accepting the fact that when we do something new and hard and brave—a certain amount of fear and stress can be expected. It’s okay. It means we’re challenging ourselves.

This morning I came across a Pinterest board that I made for Naya—the main character of my novel. It contains pictures and quotes that hold a lot of meaning for her.

One of the quotes was, “It’s okay to be scared. Being scared means you’re about to do something really, really brave.”

I realized that some of the changes my characters went through in my novel were a reflection of the changes that were happening in my own life.

Today, I’m going skiing with my kids. I haven’t skied since I was thirteen—twenty-two years ago. I’m excited but scared too. But that’s okay. 🙂

Have a great weekend!

You can view the Pinterest board I made for Naya here.

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I’ve been doing a little research on phobias and it has been quite interesting and sometimes even amusing! A phobia is an intense and unrealistic fear of simple things. I found out that there is even a name for a fear of phobias: phobophobia!

I actually have a couple phobias of my own and thought it was time to come clean. I…(sigh) have a telephone phobia. Now that sounds like I’m afraid of phones, but it’s actually a fear of phoning people. If I have ever phoned you, then know that I have procrastinated for days and that as I punched in your number, my stomach was churning. I know it’s weird, but phobias aren’t known for being logical!

My other phobia is driving. I think that this stems back from some recurring nightmares that I had as a child. I would dream that my brother, sister and I were in our little green car on the steep hill by my grandparents place. The car would start to roll backwards down the hill, gaining momentum every second. I needed to stop the car, but I never did. Obviously the dream reflects how out of control my life felt at the time.

I’ve been pushing myself to drive more frequently, but a simple trip to towns feel like a life or death situation. When you come back from a shopping trip you might think, “Great, the shopping’s done!” while my thoughts are, “Wow, I didn’t die!”

I have found that if I don’t push myself to confront my phobias then I never move past them and they hang over my life like a dark cloud. I have been forcing myself to make phone calls and to drive. I don’t want to live in fear anymore.

So why am I baring my soul and sharing my fears publicly? I feel that when we hide our fears they have power over us, but when we bring them into the open, into the light then much of the fear can be dispelled. And who knows, maybe as I share my own struggles to overcome my fear others will be encouraged to face their own phobias.

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