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The Joy of Screaming

Photo Credit: Betty Miller

Photo Credit: Betty Miller

I’m not sure if this is unique to my family, but the males in my home love to make me scream.

It’s often during a pause in a movie—while the house is dark and ominous. Kevin will find a door to hide behind or a corner to emerge from unexpectedly. I’ll scream or make guttural noises in my throat and flap my arms—and for a moment Kevin will look worried—but then I’ll see a hint of a smile that spreads all the way to his eyes, and soon we’re laughing until I’m wiping away tears.

There’s something exhilarating about a good scare and a neighbourhood-rousing scream. It’s better than coffee for revving up the senses.

Often, after I’ve been thoroughly terrified, I’ll hear the children giggling in their rooms. Somehow my screams boost the morale of the whole family. I’m just as confused at that as you are. But now the boys are getting in on scaring me too.

A few nights ago, I was walking with my friend Miriam on the driveway. It was getting dark. We were deep in conversation as we walked past my husband’s work truck. Suddenly, a dark figure leapt off the bumper, landed in front of us, and yelled.

I screamed…and I screamed. My legs went numb. And there was my son Owen, bouncing from one foot to the other in complete delight. The three of us laughed long and loud, and before long the feeling returned to my legs.

We went back to walking, and Owen went off to bed. Almost an hour later we were even deeper in conversation, it was darker, and an even larger figure jumped off the same bumper and scared us again. It was Kevin this time, and he didn’t even know that Owen had beat him to the scream.

My family knows not to tickle me—I’m much more likely to punch than laugh when tickled…But being scared? Yeah, I’m okay with that. 🙂

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Everything Old is New Again

I looked out the window this week to see my children running down the driveway with a green tarp billowing behind them. They were having the greatest time and would all scream when the tarp would fill with air and lift off the ground. Children are so incredibly resourceful! The tarp had originally been the roof of a gazebo that was given to us (thanks Mom!) It had been great during the summer, but a storm had crippled it and I was happy the children were enjoying the remains.

The following day the children had it attached behind their bikes and took turns pulling it. Later on, I overheard plans to jump out of the fort with it! “That tarp will not have time to fill with air before you hit the ground! Don’t do it!” I admonished them.

“Yeah, I guess it wouldn’t work,” they agreed nodding.

“And it won’t work out of a tree either!” I added, remembering what I had been like as a child. It’s pretty important to stay one step ahead of these guys! I did actually jump out of my fort with an umbrella as a child, (I was under the influence of Mary Poppins. Believe me, movies do affect us!)  🙂

Here’s a little video of my children trying to fly. 🙂

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A Time To Play

I always find that I spend time in deep reflection on the eve of my children’s birthdays. It is a little painful to realize how quickly they are growing. It is when I become acutely aware of the passage of time, a lot like when the leaves fall from the trees and I say good-bye to a summer that will never be seen again.

William’s third birthday came and went a week and a half ago. He could remember Myra and Melanie’s birthdays and was delighted to know that the balloons were in celebration of his birthday. We sang “Happy Birthday” to him and he beamed. What a special three years it has been!

It is at times like this that I realize that this is, and will be, the pinnacle of my life. It is when I realize that the days, the weeks, the years, are slipping past like the sand in an hour glass.  For the rest of my time here I will look back on these crazy, busy, wonderful years with a smile in my eyes and an ache in my heart.

I am very privileged to have several dear friends whose children are grown. They have so much wisdom to share with me, but perhaps the thing that they most want me to know is that these years when I am surrounded by my little ones are short, so very short. Their message to me is to enjoy this time, and yet I often forget, and the realization that the time is passing quickly sneaks up on me and surprises me every time!

I have found that the best way to really enjoy my children is to be play with them. I don’t know why, but I find taking the time to play with my children is very hard to do. It feels like I’m not accomplishing anything, but in reality it is connecting the hearts of my children to mine and that is one of my most important tasks here on earth.

So here’s to a summer of tickling my baby, playing tag, building castles out of cushions and sheets and splashing in the water. I want to look back on this summer and know that we played together, that we laughed together, that we had fun together. 🙂

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It’s been almost 8 years, since we sold our home on the coast and headed North. That first winter was long and I honestly did struggle. I kept asking myself, “Why does anyone live up here? It’s winter 6 months of the year!”
I’ve learned a few tricks of survival since then. Actually, I kind of enjoy winter now. There is something satisfying about a deep freeze. The cold is sort of invigorating. I even find it exciting at times. Hey, you could die out there! Does that sort of thing excite anyone else, or am I just a nut?
Did you know, that at -30 C, you can throw boiling water into the air and it will explode into snow? No joke! We do it every winter. And when it’s that cold, we thank God for our warm house!
Some days, we wake up to unparalleled beauty. There’s nothing like going for a drive and soaking in the sights, of the fingers of frost reaching skyward, from every branch and twig. It’s even better on a sunny day, with the suns rays reflected, in a full spectrum of colour, in every direction.
I think a childlike approach to winter really helps too. Children don’t have a hard time enjoying winter. I know my kids are out there every day, flying down the sled hill, just behind our house. There are several different runs, some more terrifying than others! I joined the children one afternoon this week and it was a blast.
I don’t really think saucers are made for adults and I wasn’t really sure what to do with my legs. I admit it, I screamed louder than anyone. The kids loved it. Going down facing forward is scary enough, but these saucers have the uncanny ability, of spinning around backwards at the worst part. And wow, is it ever good exercise racing the kids up the hill!
We were able to go skating recently too. Some friends invited us over, to their absolutely amazing rink. I didn’t have skates, but Julie managed to find me some skates, that were only a little too big. Now keep in mind, that this was only the third or fourth time I’ve skated in 20 years. I wobbled and tottered and fell, but it was wonderful! We played a game of broom ball, and the fact that I couldn’t skate didn’t keep me from going after the ball! I fell about a dozen times and enjoyed every bit of it. There are few things that I enjoy more than a good laugh at myself!
There seems to be so many ways to enjoy the winter, now that I’ve made up my mind to have fun out there. Maybe I’ll try cross-country skiing next. Happy snow days!

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