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Today’s post is written by Toni Hammer. I met Toni on a writing website a couple of months ago, and we quickly became friends. Her insightful writing reflects her fun and witty personality. Enjoy!

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Having lived in the Pacific Northwest for a third of my life, I’ve acclimated to the fact it rains 412 days out of the year. It’s expected. Rain is the status quo.

Knowing this, I get super excited when the sun comes out. I want to hug that big ball of fire and give it my raincoat as a sacrifice. The sun is warm and full of love and vitamin D. I might go a little crazy when it shows its face after a month long rainfall.

That happened earlier this week. Not only was the sun out, but it was almost seventy degrees! Flip flop and iced coffee weather. It was magical.

Then the rain came back. This weather which I was so accustomed to that I barely batted an eye at it now filled me with rage. It was sunny yesterday! I was warm! I hate you rain!

This happens a lot in life, too. Something extraordinary happens to us–promotion at work, favorite band in concert, child takes their first step–and our excitement level rises above that of someone who just won the lottery.

Photo Credit: Katman

Photo Credit: Katman

Then the next day comes. The next week. Before long we’re back to the expected. The status quo. It feels sad and boring.

Don’t get bummed when life goes back to normal. Don’t start scowling because your ride in Excitement Land is over. Appreciate the familiar rhythm of your life.

We need to be content with our day to day life so the new gifts and achievements are that much brighter. We need to appreciate what seems mundane because it’s comfortable, it’s what we know, and it’s where we prepare for our next big thing.

Don’t let the sun ruin the rain.


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You can read more from Toni on her website tonihammer.com.

Have a great week!

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