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I love it that children are so forthright; they haven’t yet learned to flatter. There have been times when I tried on a new skirt and the children have remarked that I looked beautiful (good). There have been other times when I tried on something new and they giggled and said that I looked funny (not so good!) I do keep in mind that this is the opinion of a seven year old, but I appreciate that it is an honest opinion.

Sometimes, the fact that children will say the first thing that pops into their head can be rather embarrassing. At church recently, one of my six year old boys said rather loudly, “Is that the bench for the old people?” when he noticed several seniors sitting in row behind us. What could I say? I felt like crawling under that bench! And then there is the dreaded, “Are you having a baby?” to a woman who isn’t. Oh my, children will humble us!

I was talking to a friend on this subject when she flipped through her Bible and pulled out a drawing that her daughter had made 20 years earlier. “It’s you Mommy,” her little girl had said all those years ago.

“What are all the wiggly lines on my face,” my friend asked.

“Oh those are your wrinkles,” was the quick reply!

I love it that this drawing has been kept safe these two decades and that it can still produce a smile or a laugh. It is a lesson that I am thankful we can learn from our children, how to laugh at ourselves!  🙂

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