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Taken by Melanie

Photo by Melanie

Mountains! The second part of our vacation was a stop at Fernie, B.C. for a long overdue visit with one of Kevin’s sons and daughter-in-law. Fernie is completely surrounded by mountains and is one of the most beautiful places that I have been to.

Taken by Owen

Photo by Owen

We hiked around a stunning little lake with glacier blue water and stood transfixed at the top of a waterfall. Driving back along the Icefields Highway, I discovered that I have a rapt love for
the mountains. For some it is the ocean, or rivers, or Scotland, but for me, it’s mountains. They
are great and rugged, unpredictable and majestic.

Our admiration of the wonders of creation should draw us back to the Creator. We serve an awesome God!

“Your righteousness is like the great mountains; Your judgements are a great deep; O lord, You preserve man and beast.” ~ Psalm 36:6

Fernie, B.C.

Fernie, B.C.

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