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I sat down with a photo album this morning to look for a picture for this week’s “glimpse.” It is the very first album I made and shows my marriage and pregnancy and my new little baby. Looking at the pictures vividly brought back the emotions of that time—my wonder, joy, fear.

What an intense time of discovery! It made me remember how hard those first years can be. I wanted to be a good mom more than anything, so I read every book on parenting that I could get my hands on. The “experts” disagreed on almost all points, and the more I read the more I doubted my ability to be the mother I longed to be.

Many people say that things get a lot easier with the third baby, but my third baby came with a twin brother! So my first six years as a mom were difficult, but as I look through the pictures I realize how sweet they were too.

Here is a picture taken during the first year of being a new mom. Has it really been thirteen years?


❤ Rachel


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Waiting For Baby

We first learned that I was expecting baby number six while looking after a sweet little boy who was nearing two years old. The little guy stayed with us for a couple days while his little brother was being brought into the world and he and William became close friends during that time. The day that our children were introduced to this family’s tiny new born, was the day that we told them that they had a new little brother or sister on the way too!

Not only did William understand what we were telling him, but he was grumpy at the prospect of a new baby! It didn’t take him long to warm up to the idea though. Every week he saw his little friend at church who was bursting with pride over his dear brother, and William began to light up when anyone spoke of the new baby.

A few weeks ago I met a new friend, a Mom with three dear little ones. Her youngest, a seven month old grinning darling, had my girls crowded around waiting for a cuddle. Myra and Melanie each had a chance to hold the baby when William spoke up, “I hold him?” he asked with his arms stretched out in anticipation. I held the baby on William’s lap and William wrapped his arms around him in a heartfelt hug. “My baby,” he said with absolute delight.

“Oh, I’m sorry William!” I said, realizing that he thought that this was the baby he had been waiting for. “We have to give this baby back to his Mommy.” How could I explain to a little boy who had just turned two that our baby wouldn’t be coming for months and months? I wondered if he felt disappointed as he watched the family drive away.

The following morning the big kids told William that Grandma was coming. “Grandma bring baby?” asked William hopefully. It was time for another cuddle as I tried to explain to my precious boy that our baby is growing in Mommy’s tummy and we won’t be able to see the baby for a long time.

A couple of nights ago, I sat cuddling William before tucking him in for the night. He likes to ask me what everyone is doing during our evening snuggle.

“What Myra doing?” he asked. I replied that she’s doing the dishes and then we went through everyone in the family. “What you doing?” he finally asked.

“I’m cuddling my baby boy!” I said with a squeeze.

“I not a baby. I William,” he stated decidedly. “The baby’s in your tummy. It go round and round!” I laughed as tears sprang to my eyes. He’s growing up. He understands, and there’s that wonderful pain in my heart as I watch him leave his babyhood behind.

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