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My perspective has changed. It wasn’t very long ago that I felt the pangs of loneliness while life seemed to race past me. I loved my children. I wanted to be at home with them, but it seemed rather dull. At one point, I had four children under five and the dirty diapers, well, they really just seemed endless.

Life is still racing past, but it’s not the world outside these walls that I’m yearning for. The ache inside me is from the realization that my children are growing, changing and one day leaving. Time is short and oh so precious.

And as for diapers… I love changing little bums now! I know you’re going to think I’m crazy, but I find little as funny as a baby grunting, his little nose flared, eyes watering as he poops. Taking that yucky mess, and making that plump little bottom fresh and clean again is joy. I always take a minute or two to tickle the ball-like belly, or play “This Little Piggy” with tiny toes. Diaper changes are those perfect little play times built into my day.

I must be crazy, who in their right mind writes sentimentally about poop? But if this is madness then it’s enviable, finding delight… in the simple things of life.

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I know it’s what everyone says as the watch their babies growing up, but really, I don’t know where the time has gone. Tomorrow my little one turns two, and I am filled with a strange mix of joy and sadness. I am joyful for the milestones reached and the wonderful journey it has been and will continue to be, but I am taken aback by how quickly it is all happening. Every time I go through William’s clothes I am reminded that he’s leaving his babyhood behind.

I always feel this way just before my children celebrate their birthday’s, especially those of my youngest and oldest. I wonder if I am making the most of this precious time that I have with them. Are we concentrating on the important things?

You might be thinking, “Uh, oh, the terrible two’s!” But I love having a two year old in the home. I am of the opinion that every home should have one. 🙂 It’s such an incredible time of wonder and discovery of laughter and fun. It’s a time of growing independence, but also of needing Mommy for a cuddle after waking up or falling down.

And so… I say good-bye to William’s babyhood with a tinge of sorrow, but I am looking ahead with joy to the new adventures we will have.

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