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Snow Days

Winter Morning - Sun rising behind old Apple TreeIt is a winter wonderland outside my window today. We got fourteen inches of new snow overnight and it has been coming down heavily all day. The branches droop heavily under their mounds of snow and every once in a while a branch loses it load and there is a great shower of snow. The single branch then springs up light and bare.

It is a day that I am thankful for our toasty wood fire. I’m sorry, but electric heat just doesn’t come close to standing around a cozy stove with a “cuppa” hot cocoa. Today reminds me of a sweet story called “The Snowy Day”. Have you read it?

A little boy wakes up to find the world covered with snow. He is filled with joy as he spends his entire day playing in the white drifts. When he finally comes in, he brings a snow ball wedged in his pocket…to save for later. 🙂 It is one of those sweet stories that capture the wide eyed wonder of childhood.

Plans for this afternoon: go sledding with the children, catch snowflakes (and examine with a magnifying glass), have fun. 🙂



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Everything Old is New Again

I looked out the window this week to see my children running down the driveway with a green tarp billowing behind them. They were having the greatest time and would all scream when the tarp would fill with air and lift off the ground. Children are so incredibly resourceful! The tarp had originally been the roof of a gazebo that was given to us (thanks Mom!) It had been great during the summer, but a storm had crippled it and I was happy the children were enjoying the remains.

The following day the children had it attached behind their bikes and took turns pulling it. Later on, I overheard plans to jump out of the fort with it! “That tarp will not have time to fill with air before you hit the ground! Don’t do it!” I admonished them.

“Yeah, I guess it wouldn’t work,” they agreed nodding.

“And it won’t work out of a tree either!” I added, remembering what I had been like as a child. It’s pretty important to stay one step ahead of these guys! I did actually jump out of my fort with an umbrella as a child, (I was under the influence of Mary Poppins. Believe me, movies do affect us!)  🙂

Here’s a little video of my children trying to fly. 🙂

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A Time To Play

I always find that I spend time in deep reflection on the eve of my children’s birthdays. It is a little painful to realize how quickly they are growing. It is when I become acutely aware of the passage of time, a lot like when the leaves fall from the trees and I say good-bye to a summer that will never be seen again.

William’s third birthday came and went a week and a half ago. He could remember Myra and Melanie’s birthdays and was delighted to know that the balloons were in celebration of his birthday. We sang “Happy Birthday” to him and he beamed. What a special three years it has been!

It is at times like this that I realize that this is, and will be, the pinnacle of my life. It is when I realize that the days, the weeks, the years, are slipping past like the sand in an hour glass.  For the rest of my time here I will look back on these crazy, busy, wonderful years with a smile in my eyes and an ache in my heart.

I am very privileged to have several dear friends whose children are grown. They have so much wisdom to share with me, but perhaps the thing that they most want me to know is that these years when I am surrounded by my little ones are short, so very short. Their message to me is to enjoy this time, and yet I often forget, and the realization that the time is passing quickly sneaks up on me and surprises me every time!

I have found that the best way to really enjoy my children is to be play with them. I don’t know why, but I find taking the time to play with my children is very hard to do. It feels like I’m not accomplishing anything, but in reality it is connecting the hearts of my children to mine and that is one of my most important tasks here on earth.

So here’s to a summer of tickling my baby, playing tag, building castles out of cushions and sheets and splashing in the water. I want to look back on this summer and know that we played together, that we laughed together, that we had fun together. 🙂

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