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What If?

I cannot prove God to you, no one can. You cannot see Him. Does that mean that He does not exist? You cannot see the wind either. Perhaps, the wind does not exist. Perhaps you just want it to exist; it might just be a crutch to you. You tell me that you see what the wind does. You experience it kiss your cheek with a warm breeze, or furiously try to snatch your hat up to the heavens. Yes, and I see God’s hand at work as he upholds the sun and the moon and the stars. I experience Him in countless ways every single day.

I once heard of a man who travelled over seas and across deserts deep into the heart of Africa. The king of that area invited the traveller into his presence and asked him many questions about where he had come from. The man told the king of many wonders difficult to comprehend, but there was one thing the king refused to believe, that water could turn hard like stone! What an absurdity that a man could walk upon water. I believe that the traveller almost lost his life because of his incredulous lying!

What if? What if you really could walk on water? What if water really could fall from the sky, not like wet drops, but like feathers born on the wind? What if you could roll it up into a ball or shape it into the form of a man?

What if God really does exist? What if He created you for a purpose? What if He sent His Son to die for you to set you free from sin and death? What if?

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