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Peace in the Storm

I went out for lunch with some friends this week and was so blessed by the fellowship. It was such a novel thing for me to be meeting friends in a restaurant. The atmosphere was tranquil, and two hours flew by as I downed a huge pot of huckleberry tea!

I found these beautiful words in the bathroom—of all places—and borrowed a friend’s ipad so I could snap a picture. I wanted to share their simple beauty with you, and I hope you will pause for a moment and ponder how true this is.

photo (2)

There is nothing calm about homeschooling six children; life is often stormy. But I am reminded of Peter as he stepped out onto the stormy sea, his eyes on Jesus.

When I look at my problems and fret and worry, I sink like Peter did when he looked away, but when I focus my heart on Jesus and believe that what He has begun in me, He will complete, then I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and experience the peace that passes understanding. (Phil 1:6, 4:13 and 4:7).

May you have serenity this week. God bless!




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