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Just Do what You Can

Credit: Maiden

Credit: Maiden

Here’s another guest post from my dear friend Miriam. Enjoy!

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When I went to Haiti on a Missions Trip with our church in the Spring of 2013, our group had the privilege of attending Haitian church on Sunday. We couldn’t understand the sermon, so we just read our Bibles, and soaked in the delightful atmosphere of exuberant and heart-felt worship. (People of African descent have just the most incredible singing-voices – I think!)

One of the passages I happened upon at this time was Mark 14, where Jesus is reclining at the table of Simon the Leper, and the woman comes and anoints His feet with a very costly perfume.

While some of those present are indignant about the waste, and even rebuke the woman harshly, Jesus rises to her defence. And of His defence, the words that struck me most were, “She did what she could.” I thought, you know, that’s all any of us can do – be willing and available and ready to just simply “do what we can” wherever we are, whatever opportunity God places in our paths.

Maybe we can’t do something as well as John or Mary over there, maybe we haven’t been called to go overseas and minister to people in other countries, but we can all contribute somehow, in some way, with what God has gifted us – and if we all faithfully do our part of doing what we can, we will be used of God wherever we are, even – or perhaps I should say in many cases, especially? – right here at home.

“Use what talents you possess. The woods would be silent if only those birds sang who sang best.” – Henry Ward Beecher

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