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I am naughtily chuckling to myself, imagining my mother opening this post in a hurry. At least I piqued one person’s curiosity by my title! 😉 (I really should be better behaved now that I’m in my 30’s.)

My last post on snow days got me thinking about a snow day that I had while growing up. Snow was a fairly rare event on Cortes Island. We got snow a few times over the winter, but it was almost always gone by noon. Once though, when I was about 10, we got a huge dump of snow and the school buses were unable to run. Yay! A day off school. Everyone was notified that there would be no school that day… everyone on the bus list that is. I lived only minutes from the school and walked to school. I never got the call.

I trudged through the deep drifts and found the school grounds strangely empty and quiet. Sure enough, the doors were locked. A friend that also walked to school arrived at the same time as me. It was wonderfully exhilarating to find the school locked and everything looking so different. We imagined that everyone had mysteriously disappeared and that we were the only people left on earth.

We decided to get busy and make a snow house to protect us from the elements. We made snow balls and rolled them until they were massive, suitable for the best snow house ever! We worked away busily and were surprised when the recess bell rang. We had never had a morning fly by so quickly. We got out our lunch bags and enjoyed a snack before getting busy again. And when the lunch bell rang, we sat back and ravenously ate. Rolling giant snow balls is hard work.

It wasn’t much later that Mom somehow found out that there was no school that day. I can only imagine that she was quite worried. There were questions… like, “Why on earth didn’t you come home and tell me there was no school?” To which I could only shrug an answer… I never thought of going home… I thought we were the only people left on earth.

For the record, my Mother is one of those extremely patient people that if you didn’t know her, you really wouldn’t be able to tell if she was angry, but I knew… she was ticked. 🙂

So now that I’m a mom, I look back and see all those childhood antics through my mother’s eyes. I feel downright sorry about all the things I put her through! And sometimes I just have to laugh and shake my head at some of the crazy things that my children think up… yes, I remember!

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Snow Days

Winter Morning - Sun rising behind old Apple TreeIt is a winter wonderland outside my window today. We got fourteen inches of new snow overnight and it has been coming down heavily all day. The branches droop heavily under their mounds of snow and every once in a while a branch loses it load and there is a great shower of snow. The single branch then springs up light and bare.

It is a day that I am thankful for our toasty wood fire. I’m sorry, but electric heat just doesn’t come close to standing around a cozy stove with a “cuppa” hot cocoa. Today reminds me of a sweet story called “The Snowy Day”. Have you read it?

A little boy wakes up to find the world covered with snow. He is filled with joy as he spends his entire day playing in the white drifts. When he finally comes in, he brings a snow ball wedged in his pocket…to save for later. 🙂 It is one of those sweet stories that capture the wide eyed wonder of childhood.

Plans for this afternoon: go sledding with the children, catch snowflakes (and examine with a magnifying glass), have fun. 🙂



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