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Do you ever feel like your life is an incredible journey, an adventure laid out for you alone? I do. Danger abounds and courage is needed, for life lessons are to be learned along the winding path. (Maybe I’ve read Pilgrim’s Progress one too many times!)

I can remember one of the first lessons I learned on my journey as a new christian. It’s kind of a silly story, nothing exciting or dangerous (sorry, no dragons), but the lesson stays with me all these years later.

We were very, very short on money and there were many things that I was learning to do without. But, there was one thing that I really wanted, sandals with velcro (I told you this was silly!) These sandals had just come out and everyone had them; a perfect fit, snug, comfortable, just right for crossing a rocky beach or even climbing a small mountain. πŸ˜‰ β€œLord,” I prayed wistfully, β€œif it’s Your will, could I please have a pair of sandals with velcro.”

Only a couple of days later I was visiting a friend. β€œCan you use these?” she asked me while holding a pair of the coveted sandals. β€œMy mother’s always leaving stuff for us that we have no use of.” Her tone was exasperated, but I barely heard her words. I felt so humbled and blessed by God’s love that He would care about a pair of sandals for silly little me.

Did they fit? You already know the answer, don’t you? They were a perfect fit. Did they turn me into a beautiful princess? Not quite, but every time I think about my sandals I am reminded that I am a princess, a daughter of the King of kings.

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I have five children and home school four. I am at home all day, every day with my children. We have a limited budget and rarely go on trips or out for dinner. I don’t own a washing machine and I don’t have running water. But don’t feel sorry for me, because I … am free.

I am free from debt, depression and disease. I am free to jump on the trampoline or have a tea party with my children. I am free to teach them right from wrong; free to teach them how to read and explore the wonders of creation with them. I am free to worship God and read His Word. I am free to work in my garden and enjoy the labour of my hands. I am free to make a choice. That choice is whether to be thankful or feel sorry for myself, and I am free to make that choice … every day.

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I Am Thankful

It is one thing to be blessed, but it is quite another thing to know that you are blessed. I am thankful that I can look around me and see, not just the work and hardship, but the precious gifts that fill my life. My life is very busy with 5 small children, and a house and garden to tend to, but it is my prayer that I will not just rush through the days. I want to savour the moments.

My children love baking and I am trying to include them more. It is tempting to just do it myself. After all, it is easier and probably quicker too, but I am reminded that children grow quickly. It won’t be long until I will be able to bake in peace, I think I’ll be wishing though, that I had little helpers.

Yesterday I made bread. I gave a lump of dough to each child, and they set out to make pieces of art with it. Myra spent almost an hour crafting a family. The mother had tiny, intricate braids. There were beds for everyone and even a highchair and bib for the baby. Melanie also made a family and Ethan made wonderful monkeys. Owen made bug faces. πŸ™‚

The girls are wanting to bake more on their own now. They positively glow when someone says that the cake is good, and I can tell them that Myra or Melanie made it. Of course the eggs are still a bit tricky. I get them to crack the eggs into a cup, and the cat gets the ones that end up on the counter.

I am thankful for my family and friends. I am thankful for the moments that make up my life. I am thankful to know that I am blessed. Each of these gifts are from the hand of God.

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