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Trying to achieve and maintain a healthy weight has been a 20 year battle for me. I have made more resolutions than I can remember, or care to admit and each time I have returned to unhealthy eating habits.

It is a lot of work for me to lose only a couple of pounds. It will take me a month of painstaking diligence to lose a mere 5 pounds, and only 1 week to gain it back. Oh, how I hate to admit it, but I just gained five pounds in the past week. {sigh}

Which leads me to the reason behind this post. Sharing my struggles and goals is going to make me feel much more accountable than I would feel if I hadn’t shared this with half the world, (slight exaggeration. 😉 ) and should help me to stay on track.

My goal is: to not eat until I’m hungry, eat slowly and stop as soon as I feel full. This seems so simple and really it is, but busyness makes me feel rushed and I eat too quickly. Nervousness and insecurities make me want to eat when I’m not really hungry, and learning to feel those tiny feelings of fullness takes tuning into my body as well as the self-control to actually be able to stop at that point.

I’d like to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks, but it’s more about the lifestyle than the weight for me. I’ll write in September and tell you how it went. Thanks for keeping me accountable. 🙂

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