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A Passion For Words

I learned to read when I was six and at the point a whole new world opened up before me. I remember driving through town and there were words everywhere! Signs that never had my attention before drew my eyes like magnets. I couldn’t help but read the words all around me. I was dizzy with excitement.

I was given The Secret Garden and Little Pilgrim’s Progress and I experienced adventures that I never could have dreamed of. Words were at times relaxing and calming and at other times had the power to invigorate and energize. Characters in books became friends. I rejoiced in their successes, mourned in their losses and learned from their mistakes.

I love it when a new word is brought into my life, a word that I have never heard, or at least never noticed before. And as a rose is more beautiful for the combination of name, aroma and aesthetics, so a word can be enjoyed visually, audibly and in meaning combined.

Sometimes a word will bump around in my mind for weeks and even months. I picture it in my mind, I say it my mind, I think about the meaning and I find it almost as satisfying as savouring chocolate! I want to share with you two words that have been on my mind lately: quintessence and succinctly.


This word is very new to me and I am really fascinated by it. Any word that starts with a Q is already unique. It is both exotic and smooth. Quintessence means the purest essence of something or the most typical example. Isn’t it lovely? I first read it in a magazine a couple of months ago and then I’ve been seeing and hearing it ever since.


Succinctly means to be characterized by clear, precise expression in few words. It even sounds to the point! This isn’t a new word to me, but it is one that I have been pondering lately.

As I write this I realize that the reason that these words have taken on new significance for me is that I desire my writing to be exemplified by these words. I desire that what I write here would be pure in essence and true to my life and that I not waste words, but use them wisely. I desire to encourage, uplift and bless others and to glorify God. That’s why I’m here.

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